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Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1861 through the inspiration of the late Miles Harvey and Charles Capps. At that time, it was only a bush shelter and was called Harvey's Chapel.

The late Reverend Charles Hodges was the first pastor. He was successful in having the first building constructed. This is when the church was first called its present name, Mt. Carmel.

Succeeding Reverend Hodges was the late Reverend I. B. Roach who served for one year before he was called to pastor at Riddicks Grove.

The third pastor of the church was Reverend E. H. Griffin who served for 15 years.

In 1903 the church then called Reverend H. H. Norman who served for 13 years. Under Reverend Norman's leadership, the present building was constructed.

Succeeding Reverend Norman was Reverend G. D. Griffin who served for two years.

Following Reverend G. D. Griffin as pastor was Reverend A. D. Moore. Reverend Moore served for 15 years.

Succeeding Reverend A. D. Moore was Reverend W. A. Cobb. Reverend Cobb served for 9 years, and during his service, the bell was installed.

After the nine years of service rendered by Reverend W. A. Cobb, the church called Reverend S. S. Lane. Reverend Lane served seven years, during which time the cornerstone was laid.

Following Reverend Lane as under-shepherd was Reverend W. P. Jones who served for 4 years.

Succeeding Reverend Jones was the tenth pastor, Reverend U. G. Moye. During the four years Reverend Moye served, the restrooms were installed and other additional work was done to the church building.

Reverend W. J. Moore succeeded Reverend Moye. Reverend Moore served for 17 years. During his pastorate, the church was bricked and the interior walls were plastered.

Succeeding Reverend Moore was Reverend J. E. Griffin who served four years. During the service of Reverend Griffin, the pulpit and communion sets were purchased.

Succeeding Reverend Griffin was Reverend W. H. Davis. Reverend Davis served for 17 years. During the leadership of Reverend Davis, the church purchased a Hammond Organ and installed new heating and air conditioning units, hardwood floors, new carpet, new pews, and a furnace room.

The next under-shepherd was Reverend D. L. White. Under his pastorate, the fellowship hall, new pastor's study, trustees' and deacons' room, and air conditioning were added. Also, a copy machine was purchased, new steps were built to the choir stand, the parking lot was paved, a ramp was erected for the disabled, lights were installed on the ground, and we instituted service for four Sundays. In addition, the baptistry was renovated, a public address system was purchased, the foundation around the bell was bricked, restrooms were remodeled, renovated under the sanctuary, purchased more land, and added a new sofa, reversible parament, and new gates at the entrance.

Succeeding Reverend D.L. White was Reverend E. J. Lillard who served for two years. Under his pastorate, five acres of land, a filing cabinet and a typewriter were purchased.

Succeeding Reverend Lillard was Reverend Linwood Boone. Reverend Boone served for over six years. During his pastorate, a set of drums, sound lectern, and double pedestal desk were purchased. The youth began conducting service on the fourth Sunday, and the Praise Team was formed.

Following Reverend Linwood Boone was Reverend William J. Smith. He served for over three years. During his pastorate, the church remodeled the pastor's study, added a bathroom, new stained glass windows, new chandeliers, Holy Bibles King James Version and New National Baptist Hymnals were purchased.

Our eighteenth and present pastor is Reverend Michael A. Barclift. Since Rev. Barclift has been Pastor at Mount Carmel, the church family has seen tremendous spiritual growth as well as an increase in membership.  Also under his leadership, the church has created new educational programs and ministries to enhance the church’s knowledge, harmony, and love.  The new programs under Pastor Barclift’s leadership include: Monthly Spiritual or Educational Workshops, Jumping for Jesus Fitness , Life Enhancing Classes, Black History Programs, Developed Church Website, Secured Internet, New Members Class, Youth  Break Out Sessions, Christmas Light Trips, Christmas Parade Float, Telephone Ministry, Church Monthly News Letter, Good Friday Services, Couples & Singles Ministry, Senior’s Ministry, Puppet Ministry, Praise Dance Ministry, Mime Ministry, SOS Program, Pastor First Lady Reading Nights, Pastor Talk It Out Sessions, Pastor/ First Lady Sunday School Breakfast, Family Fun Nights .

On April 25, 2010, we lost our church structure by fire, but our Pastor and our church family have never ceased to lose focus on the purpose for serving God.  God has blessed Rev. Barclift to stay strong and committed to preaching the Gospel.

2014 purchased 2.2 Acres of land.

Mt. Carmel, throughout her history has much to be proud of. Included in these memories are the daughter churches, which were offsprings of this congregation.

In earlier days with transportation often slow and difficult (horse and cart, or by foot) some members chose to form churches nearer to their homes. Thus grew Lambs Grove and Ramoth Gilead. Mt. Carmel is joyous about the spiritual growth of these, her children.

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